Clúster de Seguretat Contra Incendis

About us

About our company

About us


he Catalan Fire Safety Cluster (CLUSIC) is an organisation created by a group of companies in order to cooperate and increase their competitiveness through internationalization, their knowledge of the market, the development of joint projects and the implementation of broad-ranging strategies.


The CLUSIC was created in February 2014 as a non-profit business association on the initiative of the Institute for Safety Studies (the organisation responsible for the management and administration) and with the support and consolidation efforts of the General Office of Industry at the Department of Business and Employment, in addition to the backing and cooperation of the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia.


What makes us different?

The CLUSIC, unlike other associations in the same field, seeks to establish a common ground for the concerns and needs of all those agents involved in the value chain, including technology and product suppliers, and service protection providers, in both passive and active protection fields. The association is therefore open to any body that has a branch or head office in Catalonia involved in these activities, in addition to the promotion or development of products or services related to fire protection.