Clúster de Seguretat Contra Incendis

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Form a part of the Catalan Fire Safety Cluster

Membership into the Catalan Fire Safety Cluster is open to any company or organisation that is active in anyway in the fire-safety business sector.

There are two ways of joining the cluster:

Partners are classified as follows:

  1. Business Partners
  2. Professionals

Team members will be able to take part in the activities organised by the association:

  • Workgroups
  • Project development
  • Academic training
  • Conferences
  • Assemblies and are granted the right to speak
  • Receive information regarding those resolutions passed by association bodies
  • Make suggestions to board members in order to improve the fulfilment of the association’s aims

Business partner: 500 euros per year – 2015
Professionals: 250 euros per year – 2015

Participating Company Registration:


Professional Partner Registration:


In addition to having the same rights as partners, may:

  • Attend the board of directors’ meetings with the right to vote.
  • Members have the opportunity to elect or be elected as representatives or to occupy executive positions and exercise those duties conferred in each case.

Partners: 1.000 euros per year – 2015


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