Clúster de Seguretat Contra Incendis

We multiply the efficiency of companies in the fire safety sector and we work to increase the security of people, environment and property.

About us

Clúster de Seguretat contra Incendis de Catalunya (CLUSIC) is a business association. Its mission is to cooperate to increase competitiveness, internationalization, market knowledge, project development and the establishment of strategic lines of work.


In February 2014, eight companies constituted CLÚSIC as a non-profit business association. It had the initiative of the Department of Business and Employment. Soon it had the support of the Department of the Interior (Fire Service), various professional associations and other entities.

CLUSIC, unlike other industry associations, works for all stakeholders in the value chain: technology providers, product providers, service providers. It is open to any entity that develops fire safety products or services and has an office in Catalonia.

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The CLÚSIC offers you new forms of relationship between customers, suppliers and competitors. The most important companies in the sector are associated